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    The Sony MH1C is easily the most musical and technically capable earphone I have heard for under $100, let alone the prices it can be found for with a quick Google or ebay search. There is simply no comparison with anything else in the price range; the MH1C delivers levels of detail and refinement that help it easily compete with numerous earphones well over $100, delivering a bassy, smooth sound with a surprisingly accurate and full-sounding midrange. Treble is smooth and slightly rolled off, but still shines enough to impress with female vocals and the synthesized tones of faster, brighter electronic music. It has the muster in its bass to sound great with modern pop, rap, and electronic, but sports levels of details that make it worthy for more complex rock music and even some classical. On the whole, its sound signature is smooth and very versatile, and reminds me of the tonality chosen for higher end monitoring headphones, albeit with more bass emphasis. I think all but the pickiest listeners could enjoy the sound of the MH1C.

    To top it all off, cable noise is fairly low with the versatile and durable flat cable, which includes a mic and Android-compatible controls. Build quality exceeds the price range, and isolation is very reasonable for those who intend to use them on the go. Overall I cannot recommend these earphones enough for someone on a budget looking for a bassy but balanced sound.Rating: 5/5

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