Sony NEXVG900 Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Camcorder Video Camera

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Expert Review

The Sony NEX-VG900 has a 24.3MP full frame sensor 40x larger than similarly sized camcorders. A larger sensor and the ability to attach interchangeable lenses using the camera’s E-mount (or A-mount with the included adapter) create a shallow depth of field making images look more cinematic. A built-in Quad Capsule microphone allows for stereo and 5.1 recording without any other equipment to tote around. An additional XLR adapter (purchased separately) is ideal for anyone hooking up professional shotgun mics directly to the camera.

The full manual controls are ideal for the professional shooter needing to adjust shutter speed, gain, and aperture in order to get the best shot. Some of its cooler features are full 1080p recording at 60 fps for great slow motion and its cinegamma picture profile creates a flatter image for more dynamic range. It’s light and portable, but a little plastic feeling and has aliasing and rolling shutter issues when the camera moves. However, these issues are not as bad as they are on some of the popular DSLRs. The VG900 is a great camera as a DSLR replacement with the perfect balance between professional images and ease of use.Rating: 5/5

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