Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Camera

Expert Review

The specs on the F5 are wonderful, easily making it one of the technological leaders in the category. Firmware upgrades to the camera continue to improve its recording abilities with future updates allowing for incredibly high bit rates and low compression. The Super 35mm CMOS sensor records up to 2K internally and 2K and 4K RAW to an external recorder. The camera’s huge strength is it supports several high quality codecs internally to SxS Pro+ cards and the external recorder so users can choose which best suits their needs.

With 14 stops of dynamic range, the camera captures low light really well and can effectively let the highlights roll off although it still doesn’t handle them as nicely as other cameras at this level. The camera is also built with the operator in mind. It can easily be mounted with a shoulder rig and the attached electronic viewfinder (EVF) is well placed.

The camera sits in a precarious space in terms of value as Sony has other cheaper, comparable cameras. When looking at the F5, make sure it suits your needs better than their other offerings. If it is, you’ll be happy with the clean images it produces and amount of flexibility you’ll have in post-production. As future updates become available, this camera could be turned into a powerful machine.Rating: 4.25/5

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