Sota Moonbeam II Turntable

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Expert Review

The SOTA Moonbeam II is by far the least-expensive turntable in the SOTA line, and offers a great entry to the world of audiophile vinyl reproduction. This turntable utilizes special polymers for the chassis and belt-driven platter to keep vibrations and resonance super low at this price point. A synchronous AC motor drives the platter and provides the pace and timing unique to AC motors. That being said, rumble specs are not as good as some DC motor-driven choices, but still fall in the category of "very good." Speed changes are manual via belt adjustment on the pulley. The SOTA S100 tonearm does the job and can be mated to a wide range of cartridges. The Moonbeam II's pricing allows you to think about really looking up the product line of companies like Grado, Ortofon, Denon etc.

The SOTA Moonbeam II, like all audiophile turntables, was designed to get out of the way, and it is known for bringing out lots of low-level detail. You'll enjoy this turntable, and, if you really get bitten by the hi-fi bug, appreciate SOTA's lifetime trade-in policy.Rating: 4/5

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