Soundcraft Ui16 16-input Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer

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Expert Review

For its price, the Soundcraft Ui16 digital mixer is something of a real steal. Never mind the fact that this unit can be used to connect with and control any device via WiFi or Ethernet, but each of its 16 channels also has its own 4-band EQ, compressor, de-esser, and built-in Lexicon, dbx, and DigiTech signal processing. The Ui16 also fights against feedback, thanks to its included dbx AFS2 feedback suppressor. Drawing from an updated version of dbx’s Advanced Feedback Suppression algorithm, this feature listens to and anticipates problematic frequencies before feedback is even present, and removes the culprits before they can spoil the mix. The unit also is a compact tool that is ideal for use in small venues or studios, weighing in at just under eight lbs.Rating: 4/5

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