Soundlink Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Expert Review

The sleek and compact Bose SoundLink Mini offers some of the highest quality sound output that can be had from a speaker of this size. This wireless Bluetooth speaker offers very good build quality and design, although this comes with a premium price tag. It also lacks some features that many users have come to expect, such as the lack of speakerphone capability. The protective case comes separately, and is also expensive. However, if sound quality is the top priority, this is the speaker to get.

The SoundLink Mini is very simple to use, and connects easily to devices using Bluetooth (remembering up to six) or the aux input. A micro-USB is included for firmware updates, as well. Battery life is decent at around seven hours, but the included charging cable can be left plugged in during use. When it comes to overall quality in terms of both sound and design, the Bose SoundLink Mini is a clear leader.Rating: 5/5

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