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Spector implemented a curved body shape on its Legend Classic 6-string bass guitar that makes this axe instantly comfortable to hold and play. Made from solid maple and sporting a figured maple top, the sound that this instrument produces is warm and thick. Aided by a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and 3-piece maple neck, this axe is smooth and fast, allowing you to play rhythmic patterns, melodic leads, or complex chord shapes at a quick and comfortable speed.

Customized SSD humbucker pickups work in conjunction with a TonePump Jr. active tone control, giving bassists the ability to boost and cut their signal by 12dB. Treble and bass controls also offer players the ability to further tweak their tone. A five year warranty comes with this 6-string bass guitar, so you’ll have nothing to worry about as you explore everything it has to offer.Rating: 4.75/5

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  • Tristan Ulmer Tristan Ulmer

I KNOW Stuart Spector and Ned Steinberger.This guitar doesn't bear a resemblence to the Streamer. The Streamer is a copy of the much older Spector NSBass. Spector is the original. So this article should read, "If you like the look of the Warwick Streamer, you'll love the Spector because it's the original." Warwick flat copied the design. Stuart licensed it from Ned. So Ned and Stuart confronted WW at NAMM in 1981. WW agreed to pay a license fee, agreed they were in the wrong. They apologized and signed a license agreement.Shortly after, Spector sold to Kramer. WW decided to not pay the fee. Kramer was busy is other things and when they folded in 1990, Stuart went to court to regain the Spector Trademarks. He also went to court to get WW to pay, for they had started pumping out Streamers in mass, claiming in the wake for Kramer's sudden failure that it was their design.Fearing having their guitars banned from the USA in a costly court decision they changed the bridge, reshaped the body (slightly) and then claimed it was their "Original" "New" design and told Stuart and Ned to kiss off.You want to see Stuart Spector get angry? Ask him about WW.They are a poor company, they mistreat their employees (documented extensively in the news) and they steal other people's work, profit from it, and frankly have no sense of corporate responsibility or ethical practice.All of this is documented. Walk up to any WW executive at NAMM with a tape recorder and ask them to tell you the story on record. THEY WON'T. I've done this. WW makes nice guitars. But they are not original. And they are unethical in their disregard for trademark and copyright law. They are the sort of greedy, entitled schmucks that propagate the "arrogant" German myth. Being German myself. They embarrass me. They shame my country, my culture and therefore I boycott their products. And so should you.

Posted on 6/27/2010 11:55 pm | Reply
  • Anonymous Anonymous

There is no deceit or industrial espionage involved in Warwick's usethe contoured Spector NS bass shape. It was at the beginning, and still remains, a fully legitimate licensing agreement. It wasn't designed by Warwick, and it wasn't actually designed by Stuart Spector. It was designed for Spector by his friend and associate, Ned Steinberger .... yes, THAT Steinberger .... of the great yet famously uglee headless all-graphite basses. OK, so Ned made some uglee basses, but at least he did NOT design the latest great-but-uglee bass, the EBMM Boingo ! BTW, I have no ax to grind here. When it comes to Boingos, Spectors, and Warwicks, I have more than one from each species. Like it says in some song somewhere "Uglee basses make great lovers" .... or something like that :-)

Posted on 6/17/2010 10:49 am | Reply
  • Anonymous Anonymous

In fact the Spector NS model appeared in 1977 and the German "Streamer" (which is a NS shape replica) came in 1981. You can read the bouth oficial stories in internet and compair.

Posted on 12/31/2009 12:57 pm | Reply
  • Anonymous Anonymous

That Germany builder copied Stuart Spectors design. Spector is the first the & the best

Posted on 12/15/2009 8:30 am | Reply