Stanton Str8.150 Turntable

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    The straight-armed version of its counterpart has a tonearm that is meant to minimize the inward and outward force on the needle, giving it better tracking compared to the S-shaped Stanton 150. Stanton declared their straight tonearm to be skip-proof, a bold statement that holds true in most DJ circles. The worlds strongest turntable motor powers this beast into new heights, making way for adjustable start/stop speeds and variable pitch control ranging from +/- 8%, 25%, and 50%, respectively. To top it off, one of the industrys most trusted and reputable cartridges comes with the Str8. 150 already mounted on the headshell: the Stanton 680v3. The key lock feature is a modern addition that allows for adjustments in speed without changing the pitch of the song! This can be extremely useful when blending songs together that are drastically different in beats per minute. Its sturdiness is reminiscent of the Technics durable body, with an even more heavy-duty construction that helps to protect against skipping due to sound vibration.Rating: 5/5

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