Starboard PRO 9'0" x 29" Stand Up Paddleboard

Expert Review

The 9.0 PRO Surfing Stand Up Paddle Board by Starboard SUP is one of the most responsive surfing SUPs that Starboard offers. The square tail and well defined rocker gives the PRO excellent tracing for a surfing SUP, making it versatile enough to paddle flat water with ease. The PRO is built to take the beating of some serious surf, made with an incredibly strong carbon outer wrap of carbon. This board SUP might have flat water maneuverability, but this is truly a surfing SUP. The brushed carbon version of the 9.0 PRO SUP weighs just over 14 1/2 pounds. Highly maneuverable, yet moderately stable, this is a board for an intermediate to experienced paddler.Rating: 4.25/5

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