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    There is a lot to like about the Steam Controller as a PC gamepad, but the real selling point of this controller is the two trackpads, one located on each side of the controller’s face. The left trackpad can emulate the input and functionality of a D-pad, but both of them work together to create an experience similar to using a mouse for precise input and controls. These pads can take some getting used to for a new player, but ultimately offer excellent control and functionality. The triggers on the shoulders are dual-stage, offering two levels of input for various functions, and the entire controller has gyroscopic and accelerometer sensors, which offer motion controls and tilt sensitivity.

    Granted, this controller is great overall but it does suffer from a few issues often found in first-generation controllers. Unlike most other gamepads, this one only has a single thumbstick, which works well but presents some challenges to anyone used to console controllers with two sticks. It’s also a bit large and can be uncomfortable to use, especially for people with small hands. However, since this is a first-generation model, it may become more streamlined and easier to use with future iterations.Rating: 4.25/5

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