Strymon BlueSky Guitar Reverb Pedal

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Expert Review

The Strymon blueSky reverb pedal is a compact yet powerful tone-coloring tool that makes it ideal for any player looking to take their guitar sounds into the stratosphere. Like Strymon’s bigger (and more expensive) pedal the BigSky, the blueSky offers players the ability to fine-tune their sound courtesy of the on-board knobs. There are three reverb types offered here including Spring, Room and Plate. Each of the types offers three modes (normal, modulation, and shimmer), so you have quite a few sound combinations to play with in finding your proper voice. The sound provided by this pedal is also true stereo, and makes for great, natural-sounding ambient sound. For those looking to save on price or pedalboard space but still looking for the deep and rich potential of the BigSky, the blueSky is a perfect fit.Rating: 4.25/5

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