Sunward Solar Hot Water System

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Expert Review

The solar panels for this unit consist of copper tubing, built into two sheets of aluminum. The disadvantage of building this any other way is that when these two metals are not bound tightly together as Sunward does, their conductivity is compromised, and the welding points are prone to come apart with all the expanding and contracting. In all, there are no joints in the Sunward Solar Heating system, so there is less chance of it leaking. These panels generate their own electricity, so there is no need to hard wire this system to your home. It is completely self- contained. The glass panels used are specifically designed to extreme exposure, just like the internal rubber seals, so there is no need to worry about these breaking down any time soon, no matter where you live. All metals are galvanized for extra protection, and tested to withstand internal temperatures of up to 392 F. In addition, the 80 gallon tank is glass lined, on top of two inches of insulation, and is warrantied for 10 years.Rating: 4.5/5