Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat

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    The Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat by Super Pet is my choice for the third best hamster cage. This cage has two complete floors for your hamster to run around in, plus a nesting nook at the very top of the cage. The dimensions are 17 inches long by 11 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high, and it is built with very colorful plastic. It is also constructed with wires that have a narrow gap so that your hamster will have little chance of getting out of the cage. This cage offers proper ventilation with the wire and plastic concept and comes complete with a drip-resistant water bottle, tip proof food dish and exercise comfort wheel. The habitat also includes funnel like tubes that allow the hamster to gain access to all areas of his home.

    This hamster cage can be expanded by attaching tubes, levels and wall units from other manufacturers of these type of habitats like Habitrail and Critter Universe. This makes it easy to increase the size of the habitat to as large as you would like. The construction makes the hamster cage very easy to clean with soap and water since both the top and bottom sections of the cage come off to give easy access to clean it. You do need to be careful when you take the cage apart to clean, as there is a tendency for the little tabs that the tubes utilize to lock to the main cage to break off if forced. The manufacturer of the hamster cage, Super Pet, utilizes an antimicrobial technology that is set into all the surfaces that are plastic in order to give your pet a cleaner and healthier home. Considering all the features, I believe this would make a very good starter hamster cage.Rating: 4.5/5

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