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    If you are looking for a well constructed hamster cage that is easy to clean and provides your hamster with room to roam safely, the Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat is the cage for you and your hamster. I have chosen it as the best hamster cage because of the quality and safety features that it provides for your pet. The dimensions are 10 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 11 inches high, and it is constructed of chew proof wire and plastic with a large protected area at the bottom to keep the litter inside the cage. This bottom portion of the cage is high and constructed with plastic so the litter does not escape easily. This cage is also well ventilated, and the wires that are used are chew proof and also close together so that your pet cannot get out. It comes with instructions and is easy to put together.

    This hamster cage is very easy to clean. Just use soap and water and then thoroughly dry before placing your pet back in the cage. The cage is all one level but can be expanded at several portals in the cage. It can also be connected with other similar cage systems such as Habitrail and Critter Universe in regards to the tubes and levels. This hamster cage includes accessories such as an exercise wheel, food dish and water bottle, and is very bright and colorful. It additionally has super protect technology manufactured into all inside areas of the habitat in order to give your pet a healthier environment to live in. All of these features and qualities are why I have chosen the Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat as the best hamster cage.Rating: 5/5

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