Superlux HD 681 Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

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    If you have heard of Superlux it means you are either a headphone aficionado or a musician. Superlux is a manufacturer of recording studio gear, and their HD 681 semi-open, over-the-ear style headphones are intended for critical listening on a budget. With a listed frequency response of 10 Hz to 30 KHz, and 50 mm drivers, these headphones have plenty of bass punch without being overbearing, and, although you might want to EQ the treble down just a touch in some cases, fairly well balanced frequencies above 800 Hz. They are not as efficient as some models but will still get loud when used with a laptop or portable music device. Being an semi-open design, these will leak out more sound than closed headphones. If you use these in a quiet office, be aware that others might be able to hear a bit of what you are listening to. Overall comfort of the HD 68 is good but the ear pads are a little on the hard side. This is not a "wear all day" set of headphones. But, what you get is a really solid presentation of the music with a wide soundstage, with just a touch of tweaking with EQ, a surprisingly flat frequency response. For the price, Superlux has created a real winner, and the HD 681 is our top pick.Rating: 5/5

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