Takamine TB10 Acoustic-Electric Upright Bass

Expert Review

Holding the Takamine TB10 Acoustic-Electric Upright Bass is an experience that’s not easy to forget, largely because there are very few fretless instruments out there that are anything like this axe. As stated before, there are no frets, so it is perfectly capable of being played in the style of an upright bass, a fact further supported by the dual f-holes in a body comprised of an arched spruce top and arched maple back. The resulting sound is very tone heavy and versatile enough to be played in several different settings.

The fingerboard on this instrument is also curved like a double-bass which means that one could play the TB10 with a bow if they so desired. If playing this more like a regular bass guitar is more up your alley, have no fear as it excels in that department as well. Driving the acoustic signal out is a Palathetic pickup, heralded as one of the most accurately organic sounding acoustic-electric pickups in the business. A Cool Tube preamp offers frequency controls, a built-in tuner, and a second RCA input so you can connect a secondary pickup or microphone into your signal.Rating: 5/5

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