Tama CB90F Felt Cobra Bass Drum Beater

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    The Iron Cobra’s beater packs a big punch. There are several different options for the striking material on Tama’s Iron Cobra beater. I prefer the CB90F felt beater because it’s the most versatile for many different styles of music as it can be loud and punchy, or slow and sensitive. The beater weight is absolutely perfect, providing you with a smooth sound. My Iron Cobra pedal has the same beater that came with it, and sounds exactly the same as the day I bought it. I recently purchased a bass drum pedal that felt great, but had a horrible beater. I just bought a separate Iron Cobra felt beater as a replacement for the existing beater. When I switched out the bad beater for the Iron Cobra beater, the pedal had an even better feel and capable of making much better sounds. Any serious drummer should purchase an Iron cobra beater and try it out on every pedal they have as it will probably sound and feel better than their current beater.Rating: 5/5

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