Tama Power Glide Single Pedal HP900PSN

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Expert Review

Tama's Iron Cobra line has been the gold standard of bass drum pedals for twenty years. The Iron Cobra is a perfectly balanced pedal. It has a uniquely shaped beater is smaller than others, and feels weightless. The "Cobra Coil" is a spring set under the footboard that pushes the pedal back to the foot and helps with response time, allowing the drummer to play consistent loud strokes with ease while being responsive enough for light playing. The design of the pedal allows for quick and easy adjustments to just about every variable from spring tension to beater position. It's Important to note that the Power Glide is one of 3 Iron Cobra Pedals in the 900 series. The Power Glide and the Rolling Glide are both chain driven while the Flexi-Glide has a strap.

The Rolling Glide has a rounded cam and the Power Glide has a cam shaped more for power. I prefer the Power Glide because I feel it produces consistent powerful strokes with ease. I discovered the Iron Cobra during my first recording session in a professional studioo where I spent several hours laying down beats, and the engineer complained that my kick just wasn't consistently loud enough. At the end of the session, I felt like my foot was stuck in mud. The next morning I bought an Iron Cobra Power pedal, and re-recorded all of the beats. I was surprised to hear that there was a noticeable difference, and even the engineer commented on the improvement! Ten years later, I still have the same Iron Cobra Pedal which still sounds and feels great on everything from metal music to show tunes.Rating: 5/5

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