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    Tama’s Rhythm watches are some of the best metronomes on the market with the RW200 being the newest model with several new, useful features. It has a tempo range of 35-250 BPM, a dial for quick and easy adjustment, as well as individual volume dials which can subdivide the beat in a number of different ways (including eight, sixteenth, and triplet notes). The tap tempo function is easy to use and smartly placed in the top corner so that it will not be accidentally triggered.

    The RW200 is fully programmable for up to thirty different songs and offers different options for meter and beat. There’s even a foot switch available for purchase which can be used to change programs while playing. The RW200 also has a stereo-mini headphone jack as well as a inch jack which makes it easy to attach headphones. The unit can also function off of nine-volt battery power or by attaching an adapter. The LCD display has been updated with a new backlight that’s brighter than the previous model and is very helpful, especially on darkened stages. Speaking of on stage use, one of the new features includes a stage mode that clicks only for a few bars and then turns itself off.

    This Metronome is very useful for gigging drummers because you can click off the band with the RW200 in your ear and then freely play with the band once the click stops. This metronome also features a sleek, updated design which has been greatly improved over the previous model. The RW200 can also be mounted to a cymbal stand with a mounting bracket that is available for purchase separately. The best part about this metronome is it’s priced lower than the competition, but still offers the same great features.Rating: 4.75/5

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