Tama Starclassic Maple Drum Set

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Expert Review

The Starclassic Maple series is Tama’s best line, and a kit preferred by some of metal's top drummers; in fact, most drummers probably started playing Tama drums after seeing Lars Ulrich play them with Metallica. Upon first playing a Starclassic kit, I was surprised at how amazing it sounded, having assumed that all Tama drums were cold and harsh, since heavy metal drummers mostly used them. However, the Starclassic line has a warm sound due to its maple shells and have the power to cut through the band with plenty of volume.

The hardware offers some very unique features, such as built in memory locks for the toms and the tom brackets separate into two parts with the bottom part remaining on the mounting arm for precise placement. The tom mounting system allows for the drums to be placed a little closer together than most other kits, the tension bolts have "Hold Tight Washers" to keep the drum from falling out of tune, and the die cast hoops can take a lot of abuse and still maintain pitch.

These drums include Evans heads which are better in quality than most "stock" heads and are even appropriate for metal drumming. The drums are available in several different sizes and configurations in addition to multiple colors and finishes. Tama Starclassic maple drums are great for metal, but are suitable for other genres as well.Rating: 4.75/5

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