Tannoy Definition DC8 Speaker

Expert Review

Tannoy brings us the Definition DC8s, coming in at around $1800 a piece they offer the signature Tannoy quality as well as a size and sound that is precise. The sound is no fluke, upon first inspection you'll see that the tweeter is inside of a bass/mid cone a dual concentric design Tannoy is known for. This trademark design from Tannoy that they believe "creates a more precise, coherent sound." Which is apparent when listening to complex music; like classical. The DC8s effortlessly organizes the elements and delivering them in a concise manner. The curved cabinet for better phase cancellation, as well as the Wide-band tweeter that extend the reach of the speakers high frequencies and delivers a more detailed sound. Audiophile grade silver copper coated conductors for grounding, paired with Deep Cryogenic treated straight path crossovers; make the DC8s as controlled as they are concise.Rating: 4/5

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