TC Electronic Vintage Octa Screamer

Expert Review

In the right hands (and of course, on the right pedal) the combination of octave and fuzz effects can be a deadly force to reckon with. Guitarists like Jimi Hendrix were able to understand just how much can be done when combining these two effects, and since the 1960's, the world has never been the same. TC Electronic created their Vintage Octa Screamer with that marriage of effects in mind, and guitarists looking to dial in that sustained, thick-sounding tone will not be disappointed with what this pedal has to offer. The pedal’s mix knob blends the octave effect in with your signal. A built-in 30dB treble boost helps to push the octave effect to prominent extremes. The pedal can easily be powered by either a 9V battery or supplied external power adapter.Rating: 4/5

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