Team Xtreem 8GB 2400 MHZ Memory

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Expert Review

Value comes in many shapes and sizes, and when it comes to getting the very best in value, the Team Xtreem 8GB 2400 MHZ Memory can't be beaten. In terms of speed, this memory is clocking in a wicked 2400MHZ meaning you can handle with it the very best of performance scenarios for work or play. With 8 gigabytes in two chips, you can go up to 16 GB on a standard motherboard and with this memory even eight is plenty to handle most everyday tasks and challenges. Best of all though, the "bank for your buck" value comes into play and you will pay a fraction for this memory what you'd pay for most 2133 MHZ memory, let alone 2400 MHZ. Between speed, memory capacity, and the price, Team Xtreem may not be a leading brand, but it wins for all these reasons and moreRating: 5/5

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