TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits

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    From the most widely respected and well known ant killer comes the TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits. All TERRO products are good, but this one has everything else beat. It comes in a prepackaged liquid formula in bait stations, This means you don't have to handle the bait. Just place the station where there is known ant activity, and let it work. The active ingredient is borax, which is a slow kill and allows the ants to take the bait back to the colony. Once there, everyone eats this bounty, including the queen, and the colony is eliminated. Best of all, it is a sweetened liquid, so it is easy for the ants to consume, which makes it highly desirable, and that means they want more of it. TERRO liquid baits are the best, bar none!Rating: 5/5

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