The Oontz XL by Cambridge Soundworks

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Though the market for a bigger portable speaker isnt as big as it was in the 80s, and certainly doesnt rival the demand for purse or backpack-friendly audio products, the Oontz XL stands out as a great option for bringing a bit of music to the park or beach. It puts out plenty of volume for such purposes, noticeably more than the Flip or BTV-1, and more bass as well; if size isn't a determining factor in your choice, its an easy pick over others in this list. Its nowhere near regular speakers at this price, of course, but considering its size and features, the sound is very good. The one really nifty feature on the Oontz XL that most speakers of its ilk havent even thought of is its ability to act as a portable charger. While the Oontz XL itself charges using an AC adapter, which isn't quite as convenient as USB charging, its own USB port can be used with other devices charging cords to provide power. Given its 10-hour battery life, this is an extremely handy feature that Im sure many owners will find themselves taking advantage of.The Oontz XL isn't really the best looking of the pack, with a pretty industrial design compared to the JBL Flips neutral good looks and the BTV-1s professional-chique angles. Thankfully it makes up for it with solid sound for the price, very respectable battery life, and power bank functionality that puts it at the top of the list for sub-$100 bluetooth speakers. If size is more important, go with the Flip; otherwise, the Oontz XL is superior in every way.Rating: 5/5

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