Klipsch THX Ultra2 KL-7800-THX 2 Way Speaker

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Expert Review

The Klipsch KL-7800-THX in-wall speaker is THX Ultra2 certified, meaning that it produces reference level sound in rooms up to about 3,000 cubic feet in size. Performance is comparable to a high-end floorstanding speaker, while not taking up any of the floor space. The KL-7800-THX uses a one-inch compression tweeter with Klipsch's Tractrix horn, producing increased accuracy thanks to better direction of the higher frequencies. Meanwhile, the eight-inch woofer provides strong, low-distortion mids and bass.

To avoid inconsistencies that can arise with different in-wall installations, Klipsch has designed these speakers with an integrated back box enclosure. This ensures performance is consistent regardless of what’s behind the wall, without impacting ease of installation (a separate in-wall bracket is needed for new constructions, however).

The KL-7800-THX is good for front left, center, and right channels, as well as a standalone speaker for adding music to a room. They’re great for a larger home theater room and come with a lifetime warranty. These high-end speakers command a steep price tag, but deliver high-end performance and design.Rating: 5/5

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