Tiffen 58mm SR Linear Polarizer

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Expert Review

Tiffen is the oldest American filter manufacturer still doing business. Tiffen made a name for themselves in Hollywood being perhaps the largest supplier of filters used on multi-million-dollar feature films. Suffice it to say, Tiffen can handle your filtering needs, too. The Tiffen SR Linear Polarizer, sometimes labeled simply "Polarizer" without the "SR Linear," is Tiffen's most popular linear polarizer. It is neutral in color, unlike the warming version, and performs very well.

Though Tiffen sometimes come under fire for some of their other filter products, their polarizers are very well made and perform remarkably. This filter isn't coated against flare, so be mindful when dealing with bright light sources. Remember to use your hood at all times and you might find you don't miss coatings at all. However, if you find it's hard to control flare with technique, consider picking up Tiffen's coated circular polarizer which will work in all situations a linear will.Rating: 4.25/5

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