Tiffen 58WPOL 58mm Warm Polarizer Filter

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Similar to the other Tiffen polarizer on this list, the Tiffen Warm Linear Polarizer uses quality polarizing foils to achieve great results. Unlike the neutral linear polarizer, however, this filter adds Tiffen's 812 warming layer, which is a color enhancing filter, onto the stack. The result is that where colors in a scene may be washed out due to an overcast sky, this filter will add a touch or warmth to the color spectrum bringing the image into the warmer color space. So, for instance, if you shoot a portrait under clouds and your subject's skin ends up looking a little lifeless, this filter could add a little more punch to the skin's coloring. People tend to appreciate portraits done in a warm, sunlit color space, but if you don't have much sun to work with and still want that warmer coloring effect, the Tiffen Warm Linear Polarizer is for you.

It should be noted that Tiffen's 812 color filter is a very popular filter among Hollywood filmmakers, so you can be assured you're adding a color effect that's not difficult to work with nor gives you an undesirable reddening effect. It's a tried and true color filter and worth having in your bag as an option for when the sky isn't cooperating. When it comes to taking pictures of people or places you might not have the ability to retake, options are a wonderful thing.Rating: 4/5

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