Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler, Natural Color

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    Timbermate is a relatively new product in the American market. Its made in Australia and is a truly wonderful product. As a fully water-based product, it can be rehydrated by adding more water or cleaned off with water. If it becomes frozen, it can be microwaved to make it usable once again; not something common to most water based products. By watering it down, it can also be used as grain filler, for open-grained wood, like oak. Unlike other fillers, that claim to accept stain, this one actually does. There are two drawbacks to this product, but by no means should either of them prevent you from buying it. The first problem is that it will make black streaks on your project if you use a steel putty knife. You have to use a plastic or stainless steel one. The other problem is that it stinks. But, once it dries, that stink is gone. Excess product can be picked back up off your project and put right back in the can, ready for next time. This allows you to use 100 percent of the product, which wont go bad on the shelf. As the product dries, it lightens, so it may not appear to match your wood any more. Never fear, applying finish (such as urethane varnish) will darken the color, making it match the rest of your project.Rating: 4.5/5

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