Torque Athletic Mod 2

Expert Review

When it comes to free standing pull up bars it would be nearly impossible to beat this model. It incorporates everything you could ask for while being portable. Setting it up and breaking it down takes only a few minutes and it is designed to withstand even the harshest of elements. The fact that it breaks down into pieces would make you think that is a little flimsy but this is in fact one of the most solid free standing pull up bars on the market. It adjusts up to 9 feet tall so it fits everyone and the extra wide frame gives you tons of space to move around. It also offers two different grip positions for more pull up options. The grips are thick and comfortable on the hands while still allowing for a decent grip. What really sets this pull up bar apart from the rest is its Olympic bar rests which turn it into a make shift power cage.Rating: 5/5

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