Totem Model One Center Channel Speaker

Expert Review

The Model One produces and excellent, neutral sound that will please nearly any listener, and is incredibly detailed and dynamic. Image depth is fantastic for the price, very nearly matching the offerings from KEF and JTR, and despite falling short of the total smoothness and refinement of the Noesis speakers, they still play in the same ballpark in terms of detail and dynamic presence. They are a bit darker than the B&Ws, so anyone looking for seriously crisp sound might want to steer clear, but the Model One easily shows up the HTM2 in terms of bass response; anyone looking for movie speakers or who just likes a little extra grip and thump should seriously consider the Totems.

Overall the Totem Model One has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, especially considering the competition here is double the price or more, and anyone looking for an attractive, truly high-end setup without spending the last few grand can rest easily with these.Rating: 4/5

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