Trevor James - Recital Flute - ST3 Concerti

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Expert Review

With a solid silver Flute Makers Guild of London headjoint, the Trevor James Recital ST3 Concerti provides players with a beautiful sound and lots of flexibility. Keys are attached to the instrument via the French pointed arm system where the connecting arms pass through the center of the keys for maximum facility and consistent key sealing to avoid leaks. Soldered tone holes are fixed to the body as separate pieces of metal which adds additional weight to the flute and darkens the tone while providing more resistance when blowing into the instrument.

The Recital ST3 model is available with a C or B foot, an inline or offset G-key, with or without open holes, a split E mechanism, D-sharp roller or C-sharp trill key, all depending on the individual preferences of the flautist. Other headjoint options in different metals and with different lip plate designs are also available based on individual needs.Rating: 4.25/5

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