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    The AX Pro is the flagship headset from Mad Catz-owned Tritton. This Dolby Headphone equipped headset incorporates four drivers into each earpod to simulate a 7.1 surround speaker system, and offers one of the most straightforward systems for balancing front, center, rear, and subwoofer volumes of any headset on the market.

    Connection of the AX Pro may seem complicated at first, and in fact it is more complicated to set up than most Xbox 360 headsets, but taken step by step, even less technically-inclined users will be able to get it working. First the control box needs to be connected via optical audio cable to your 360. Xbox 360 slim users will find this easy enough. Those with older Xboxes who connect their consoles with HDMI cables will need to purchase a separate HDMI audio adapter, and connect the optical cable to it. Then the headsets ten-foot connection cable gets plugged into the control box. Both the control box and headset require power, so the supplied AC power brick has two outputs one gets connected to the control box itself, and the other to the headset connection cable. Finally the headset itself is plugged into the other end of the connection cable, and youre on your way.

    As this procedure reveals, the AX Pro is a totally hardwired headset, meaning cables run all the way from your 360 to your seating position, and moving around the room with the headset on is a precarious proposition at best. On the upside, the system eliminates any batteries and can be left connected to your 360 so it will always be ready to use when you power up your console.

    The headset appears a bit bulky, but it adjusts well for a firm but comfortable fit. The interchangeable earpads and headband pad further enhance the fit and give the wearer a choice between soft fabric for heightened comfort, or leatherette for better noise isolation. Theres no metal reinforcement in the headband, but despite the AX Pros all plastic construction, it still seems sturdy and has quite a bit of heft, mostly from the four discreet drivers in each earpod.

    Its with those drivers that the Tritton AX Pro really excels. The headset truly showcases the capabilities of Dolby Headphone surround technology with sound quality that rivals any headset on the market, including this lists number one pick. The AX Pro produces a soundfield that is full and rich, with distinct, clear highs, smooth and undistorted midrange, and ample amounts of tight, punchy bass that surpasses not just any headset on this list, but also many audio-only headphones as well. The in-line volume control on the headset connection cable lets you take full advantage of that pristine audio in your gameplay, allowing you to instantly give priority to the rear channels so you can easily hear advancing footsteps and gunfire.

    The Tritton AX Pro has a ton going for it. Its worthy of consideration despite its drawbacks, and if it werent for the complicated connection process and the jumble of wires tethering the wearer to the console, the AX Pro would be a strong contender for the number one spot on this list. With Trittons new 100% wireless Warhead headset hitting stores any day, dont be surprised to see a Tritton headset topping the list of best Xbox 360 headsets in the near future.Rating: 4.5/5

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