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    Evans’ G1 Clear heads are the best heads for drummers who prefer single-ply heads as they can give the kit more life and openness. Many drummers prefer to play single-ply tom heads because they have a bit more ring than 2-ply heads. G1 clear tom heads feature a single ply of clear, 10mil film that sounds open and lively with a bright sound to cut through the texture for fills while interacting well with your other drums in the kit. In fact, I often even combine these heads with other toms mounted with 2-ply heads. I’ll usually mount a G1 on my smaller toms (10 inches or smaller), because they seem to give these drums some life. These heads will react well with a number of different resonant heads and can create some very unique sounds when paired with non-clear resonant heads.

    Some players are concerned single-ply tom heads will break easily because they’re too thin. However, when you take into consideration tom heads are actually played less frequently than snare and bass heads and actually take less abuse than the other heads. You can easily finish a gig without playing the tom with a broken head, because most drummers have multiple toms which allow alternate playing options. Having said all that, I can tell you from experience that G1 tom heads are some of the most durable single-ply heads available.Rating: 4/5

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