Alexis James

In addition to running my own social media consulting company, I create and manufacture eco-friendly dog clothing, play dog-mom to an adorable beagle, write about living the city life, travel a lot and maintain a travel blog, and stay on top of ways to get the best lifestyle products at the best prices ~ hey, living in San Francisco can be expensive! In my free time I photograph the city for fun, cook locally-sourced organic meals, and continue my study of piano which I've been perfecting for the last 20 years! I've consulted and created content for several deal, lifestyle and shopping sites including,, Metrowize, and so I'm constantly on the hunt for the new, the best - and the affordable! In my first career I was a news producer, which also involved a lot of trendspotting, writing and research and gave me an education in cameras, software and electronics. Guess you could say I've been a professional lifestyle hacker for most of my career!