Fred Phillips
San Diego, CA

Over the years, I became an expert on sporting goods. How did I become an expert? From many years of use - both for myself and for my kids. I have done countless hours of research, purchased many products - both good and bad, and have used various types of equipment. Having kids who like sports, the water, and the outdoors, will force you to learn many new things. Now I can offer my help to others who are looking for good products. I played many different sports when I was younger: basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. I hiked, camped, and worked out. Now, that I have kids, I have researched and purchased equipment for their sporting endeavors. As I age, I have been forced to look for fitness equipment and exercises that are a good fit for someone who has arthritis, a bad back, sore knees, and the unfortunate ravages of overuse (when are they going to develop total body replacements?). However, I still have a strong desire to stay in decent shape and remain healthy - and of course, like many parents, I live vicariously through the activities of my kids. This keeps me at least reasonably knowledgeable and up-to-date on many products in the sporting, fitness, and recreation realms.