Caitlin Roberson
Bay Area, CA

Weened on meal-in-a-glass Cabs, I first ventured into the big wine world of other varietals when I accepted the position of Chair to one of Silicon Valleys best-known wine auctions. Happily, my job requires me to get a good deal of noiR & noiR in nearby Napa Valley and other wine-derful West Coast regions. So while Ill always be a Cab Sauv-y oenophile, Im also equally happy to drink and make Merry Edwards. And because every female oenophile needs to drink in style, I'm also an expert in all things clothes and beauty. A look inside my stiletto and makeup collections would qualify me on their own, but I've also served as Hair Editor for a national beauty site (, and contribute to luxe-ist lifestyle brand,, on a consistent basis.