Charlotte Raynor
Decatur, Illinois

I live in Central Illinois with my four dogs and leopard gecko. One of my favorite things to do is go to the pet store and see what new and fantastic items are there for my pets. However, there are many pet items that claim to be fantastic but don't live up to being the best. That brings up my next favorite things to do: research and write articles. I worked at a local pet store for a number of years and became familiar with what pet owners wanted and needed for their favorite pets. They always wanted to know what was the best. I am constantly on the lookout for the best items with quality, features, and value. When my friends have a question about pet products, I am the first one they come to. I have also been a homemaker and mother for many years and am always on the look out for the newest, the best and the most affordable indoor and outdoor living products. Since I am a homemaker, I am familiar with all kinds of indoor living products whether it be the best photo albums, best expandable luggage, best kitchen appliance to the best pet products. I am always looking for the best products for you-the consumer. I also worked in the insurance sector for 12 years in personal and commercial lines. Additionally, I received my Associate Degree in Medical Coding and Billing in December 2010. So in addition to pet products, with my experience and education, I also research insurance products and health and beauty items. I have been on disability the past 12 years and since then I have written articles for many online companies, my most recent with l have also been lucky enough to have my son purchase the new iPad 2 for me and I have been learning all I can about the benefits of this tablet and the number of uses it has. In addition to the iPad2, I also research other new electronic products to see what is the best out there in the marketplace. Hopefully, by researching the products, I do the work so you will know what the best products are available.