Dan Ring
Los Angeles, CA

I'm a commercial and film composer working in LA. My music has been heard on MTV, VH1, Current TV, and internationally in countries such as Singapore, Israel, Belgium, England, and Canada. I've written music for commercials and documentaries nationally and internationally, and have worked for clients such as Motorola, Scion, State Farm Insurance, Hyundai, Maserati, Herman Miller, and NASCAR.

I create music both in-the-box, using virtual instruments, as well as with live instruments in studio sessions. Being surrounded by all sorts of instruments throughout my life, I've collected a wealth of knowledge about just what makes some instruments better than others. Let my experience go to work for you as you explore the best of what's out there today in musical instruments, software, and digital recording. I also have a wealth of expertise when it comes to consumer electronics and web-based software applications, such as language translators and language-learning websites.