Mark Fletcher
Los Angeles

My professional life has consisted of either editorial work or playing music, often concurrently. I've worked on a lot of textbooks, written trade ads, video packaging and trailers for dozens of low-budget movies, and played on my share of indie records, many of which I've conveniently forgotten. There was also a stint as a monthly columnist for Fizz magazine as consumer advice maven "The Cheapskate", and some rather kibbitz-y contributions to Ben Is Dead. Both magazines are now defunct. For the sake of convenience, I'll blame the weak economy. Through all of this, I have owned a bunch of instruments, and have done set-ups and minor repairs on a bunch of others, and I never get sick of them. My musician friends and I geek out over instruments at every opportunity and, in some cases, their kids join in.Yes, the geek torch has been passed. The electric bass is my first and still my favorite instrument after over 30 years as a musician. I'm currently playing with assorted jazz groups in the LA area, a courageous endeaver during a recession.

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