Jeff B.
So Cal

I'm an enthusiast of pretty much all things tech, but am mostly into computers, home theater, and photography. I'm a daily reader of several tech blogs and product review sites, always keeping up with the latest industry news and product releases.

My best picks are based on my own personal experiences with products and extensive online research, taking into account reviews from major, credible publications, user reviews, and online discussions. I'm always reading up on the latest products and gadgets and am very in tune to what the enthusiasts are using.

I graduated from USC with a degree in Business Administration. Aside from tech, my passions and hobbies include poker, drums, video games, roller coasters, and cars. I've built a track car and have participated in HPDE (high performance driving events) at Buttonwillow, Willow Springs (both Big Track and Streets of Willow), and Laguna Seca.