Vaughan 569-64 BS150C Bear Hand Compass Saw

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    The Vaughn Bear line of saws are pull saws, following in the Japanese tradition rather than more conventional push saws. This makes it possible for the saw to be made out of thinner metal, reducing the blade kerf. So that makes this saw number one in my book. Shark, the makers of the famous SharkSaw used to have a keyhole saw that had an even smaller blade than this one, but they have stopped manufacturing it for some reason.

    The saw's blade is 6-inches long and only .035 of an inch thick. The saw's blade is also thinner from teeth to back than any of the others, meaning it can cut tighter curves without binding. On top of that, being a pull blade makes it much easier to maintain an accurate cut, even in difficult to work with wood grains. The blade is made of spring steel and chrome plated to prevent rusting. There are 17 TPI, triple edged and are impulse hardened for long life. Finally, while the blade seats well into the handle, it is removable, so that the same handle can be used for other blades. All in all this is a great saw.Rating: 5/5

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