Velodyne Digital Drive Plus 18 Subwoofer

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    The DD18 falls into the same category as the DB1: a tight, accurate subwoofer voiced with audiophiles and serious home theater enthusiasts in mind. While fans of ultimate bass power and rumble will doubtless prefer the TRW-17 and Paradigm Sub 2 for their ability to create absolutely insane levels of bass, the DD18 is a much more accurate piece of equipment, designed to reproduce audio faithfully in all but the largest spaces. Its built-in microphone and digital equalizer system allow the sub to be tuned to fit in seamlessly with your system and space, whatever they may be.

    Once properly tuned for a flat response with your system, the DD18 will deliver flat, authoritative bass down to the lowest notes audible to the human ear, and below: the DD18 produced well-defined vibrations down to 15 hz, an impressive feat to be sure. While others can go lower, the definition and control the DD18 is able to maintain at this depth is exceptional when compared to the Paradigm Sub 2; the Sub 2 can go louder at these subterranean frequencies, but is not as tight and accurate, sounding bloated and every so slightly loose next to the DD18s ultra-taut presentation.

    While its EQ system is not automatic like the DB1, meaning that you will have to use your own ears and manually adjust the levels using the remote, the DD18 is every bit as technically capable as the DB1, and arguably superior in reproducing some spacial aspects of sound. Ultimately it comes down to a matter of preference, but if you want that last inch of extension, and dont mind tuning manually, the DD18 may be worth the extra few grand over the B&W.Rating: 4.25/5

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