Vic Firth SZ Zoro Signature Drumsticks

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    Vic Firth Zoro Signature drumsticks have a fairly unique 555 diameter and maintain the perfect weight for every genre of music. They can be big and weighty for Rock and at the same time lightweight enough for Jazz. Their 16.375 length seems to be fairly arbitrary but when I play them I realize how perfect the length is. I’ve tried sticks similar to the Zoros with 16, 16.25, and 16.5 lengths with none of them feeling as good as the Zoro signature sticks.

    Their barrel tip produces a full sound even articulate on the snare and cymbals. Every Rock song that I’ve recorded and most of my rock shows have been with these sticks because they sound amazing. My only complaint about these sticks is the shafts shred very quickly and the tips can splinter rather easily. Personally I am willing to deal with this durability issue because of the superior feel and sound of the sticks.Rating: 5/5

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