Vicks V150SG Vaporizer 1.5 Gallon

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Expert Review

This extremely basic warm mist humidifier is the type that you can typically find at the local drugstore. Although basic and very affordable, the Vicks V150SG offers solid performance for a low price. The 1.5 gallon water tank holds enough water to provide up to 24 hours of use per filling, while an automatic shutoff safety feature ensures that the unit does not overheat when out of water. The humidifier is well-insulated, ensuring it remains at a touch safe temperature, and a night light is built-in to so you can avoid tripping over the unit at night.

The V150SG also includes a medicine cup for use with approved liquid vapor products; this can help ease the symptoms of a cold or dry, scratchy throat and nose. This basic and affordable humidifier emits steam into the air by boiling the water which also serves to kill any germs that might otherwise build up in the reservoir.Rating: 4.5/5

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