Viper Whitewater Canoe by Mohawk Canoes

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Expert Review

The Viper by Mohawk Canoes is a versatile canoe that is fast and responsive in any conditions. This whitewater canoe is designed for easy paddling. The Viper is available in two lengths, 11’ 6 and 12’6 and two different freeboard heights, 6 and 8. Both versions of the Viper weigh less than 50 pounds and are made from durable Royalex composite.

The narrow center of the canoe flares out then curves in slightly to deflect spray, keeping the paddler dry. With a lower freeboard than many whitewater canoes, it cuts through the water in almost all weather conditions. Even with 6 inches of freeboard at the center, the Viper is an amazingly dry ride because of the flared design. The Viper is a stable and predictable whitewater canoe that any level paddler can enjoy.Rating: 4.25/5

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