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Voodoo Labs created this pedal with an ear to the history of the tremolo effect, and it shows in this end result. Modeling their pedal after vintage guitar amplifier built-in tremolo sounds, their unit utilizes the same lamp and photocell assembly used in many of those amps from the past. You’ve got the traditional speed and intensity control knobs you would find in most tremolo pedals to give you hands-on access to shaping the attack of the tremolo effect. The slope control knob also allows you to get more specific with the sound, with the option of a more soothing, traditional tremolo tone or cranking it up to a more abrasive stutter.

Voodoo Labs also wisely included a volume knob into their compact configuration as sometimes the subtractive nature of the tremolo effect can lead to it getting buried in the mix; having the ability to boost the signal is a must for guitarists playing in band/live settings. Finally, it’s worth noting that this tremolo pedal is one of the smallest options out there, weighing less than one pound and taking up just a tiny sliver of space. These size and space considerations are a crucial element for those trying to manage the landscape of an already crowded pedalboard.Rating: 5/5

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