VOX AC15VR Guitar Combo Amplifier

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When it came time for Vox to build its affordable AC30VR Valve Reactor combo amp, it didn’t need to look too far outside of the Vox family to find a suitable role model for the newer amp. The company designed the AC30VR after the iconic AC30, an amplifier that has provided the sound of impressive musical acts throughout the course of rock and roll history, ranging from the days of the Beatles all the way up to some of today’s current stadium-fillers such as Foo Fighters. The AC30VR does a great job at emulating the ins and outs of its esteemed predecessor, from the inner workings to the outward appearance of the amp.

Players have a few channels at their disposal with the AC30VR, giving them a solid range of sounds that are easy to dial up. The clean channel keeps things pristine, but you can add a slight dirt that cuts through and has a definitive grit, particularly when played at high volumes. The dirty channel has two modes; the first mode is a standard crunch, while the second is a thicker and more distorted tone. The dirty channel also comes equipped with a three-band EQ that can help you further craft your tone. The AC30VR also comes with a Master Reverb control, which can further expand the character of your tone. Players also have the option to plug in a dual footswitch (not included) so that they can change channels and activate the aforementioned reverb while playing.Rating: 5/5

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