VOX NT15H Night Train Guitar Amplifier Head

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Expert Review

Vox enthusiasts can be rather particular about their tone, and the Night Train NT15H low wattage guitar amplifier totally nails it when it comes to capturing that beloved sound. A pair of EL84 power tubes work in conjunction with a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes, similar to the setup in Vox’s classic AC15 amplifier. This setup gives you the ability to choose your own tonal adventure. You can opt for a clean and smooth sound that rings out beautifully, or crank it up to get a rich, overdriven sound. The amplifier also comes equipped with Vox’s standard EQ controls, allowing you to fine-tune the treble, bass, mid-range, volume, and gain of either of the two channels within this unit. Beyond sounding incredible, the Night Train also has a cool and sleek look to match its ultra-hip name. A black metallic mirror finish will leave just as great of an impression on audiences as the awesome sounds this thing can create.Rating: 5/5

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