Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX Jumpstarter with Built-In Air Compressor

Expert Review

If you want your jump-starter to be a jack-of-all-trades, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than the Wagan Power Dome EX 400W. Its jump-starting capabilities are bolstered by 600 cranking amps, a figure rivaling some standard car batteries. The Power Dome EX 400W is also loaded with a high-power air compressor, which really comes in handy when you need to adjust your tire pressure away from a gas station.

The units built-in 400-watt AC power inverter can power up to two accessories or appliances plugged into the AC outlets. The Power Dome EX 400W also functions as an AM/FM radio, and even includes an iPod input. For emergencies at night, the unit is equipped with a high-powered LED flashlight to warn oncoming motorists.Rating: 4.75/5